Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Organic SEO Blog: Top Posts: 2016

Forecasting is a major part of an SEO firm's work. On any given day, a good SEO asks himself: How will search change in the coming months and years--and how can I help my clients evolve and compete?

Another major part of an SEO firm's work, however, is about perfecting the work of the past. What have we done and how can we make it better?

In the spirit of perfecting past work, we offer our top posts of 2016--all SEO tutorials. Our SEO tutorial posts offer fundamental SEO lessons for newbies and pros alike. It's no surprise, then, that our SEO 101 posts attract the most readers. People want to know how to perform SEO.

SEO 101: The Importance of Website Structure 

Learning about website structure is a great way to sharpen your SEO skills. This post offered a basic view of website structure, with helpful definitions...

A good website is not simply a series of pages, but a carefully-plotted structure that describes, identifies, and classifies pages by topics and sub-topics.

 The word "taxonomy," often associated with biology, is also often used to describe website structure; to better visualize a good website, then, we suggest viewing an actual biological taxonomy.

A simple biological taxonomy [Source]

Perhaps the most basic and useful method for optimizing any page is to write keyword-specific title tags and meta descriptions. This post offers simple tips for optimizing both...

SEO is part technical, part creative. When optimizing a website, we focus on technical aspects first, but the real the work of SEO is in content marketing--creating and sharing your message. Even then, however, the technical work of SEO never really ends.

Each piece of content stands to benefit from SEO technical know-how. Without this technical know-how, in fact, any new content--no matter the quality--will likely fail to rank.

 Today we will speak about two crucial technical strategies for optimizing each and every page on your website. Before you publish any new page to your website, make sure you optimize your title tags and meta-descriptions.

SEO 101: Keywords

There are hundreds of guides of keywords. We take a creative view of the most popular SEO topic...

The best brands understand how to evoke a singular emotion with a simple word or phrase. Think of Nike's "Just do it." Or Apple's "Think Different." The slogans are famous. More famous, however, are the brand names: Nike and Apple.

When you Google "Apple" for example, Google understands you're looking for the company--not the fruit. The brand has become so noteworthy its fame exceeds the world's most famous fruit. (You won't even find mention of the fruit on the first SERP).

We're noting these examples to illustrate a simple point: the power of simple words--or, in SEO parlance, keywords.  

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