Friday, November 18, 2016

SEO 101: How to Partner with Google

We write a lot about Google here, and for good reason. Google is doubtlessly the most popular search engine. In October, 2016, for example, Google accounted for 75% of the total search engine market share.

This colossal market share, of course, translates to tremendous profits. As eMarketer reported earlier this year, in 2016, "Google will generate $57.80 billion in total digital ad revenue worldwide, an increase of 9.0% over last year [and] 30.9% of the total worldwide digital ad market."

To survive (and thrive) online a website must play the Google game. Fortunately, Google is fairly transparent about its expectations for websites. Success on Google, we know, requires the same time-tested, straight-forward marketing techniques that have propelled the world's best companies to success.

More to the point, success is defined by your ability to tell your story in an engaging, unique way. What purpose does your company serve? What distinguishes you from your competitors. Why do you deserve a top Google ranking? What value do you provide to Google's users?

The role of organic SEO is simple: To ensure your answers are noticed--by Google and its browsers. Despite rumors to the contrary, SEO is not a way to game the system. In fact, Google endorses ethical SEO:

"Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site."

As we've noted before, Google and organic SEO are dynamic partners.

So how do you partner with Google? On this blog, we've written page after page about optimizing your website for Google. However, before you perform the most intricate details of website optimization, you can easily partner with Google in simple ways. Below we list three actionable steps to TAKE NOW.

Of all your business relationships, your partnership with Google might be the most important. [Photo Source]

Sign up for a Google My Business Account

A Google My Business account is mandatory for any business, especially local businesses, yet many website owners do not even know this tool exists.

Essentially, Google My Business asks you to fill out your business info, paying special attention to details like your business category, so that Google can connect you to browsers who are looking for your type of product or service.
The information you give to Google My Business is used to populate the local map as well as the knowledge graph, two powerful SEO tools.

Beyond your website, your Google My Business account will likely offer your most visible presence on the web. So make sure you keep your information current: phone numbers, images, and hours should all be updated frequently.

Sign Up for a Google+ Account

All Google+ business pages are now managed by Google My Business. If you have a Google My Business account you will also have access to a Google+ business account. However, a well-maintained Google+ page is a necessary compliment to any Google My Business account.

Google+ offers exposure opportunities not available via Google My Business. By maintaining a Google+ page, your business feeds the search engine more information--essentially the content you choose to post on the platform.

You can also control your "connections" on Google+. by segmenting different types of audiences and sharing relevant content to each. As Hootsuite notes: "A study conducted by Hubspot showed that sites using the +1 button get 3.5 times more visits on Google Plus. This is a great opportunity for you to join the discussion or get engagement on your own content."

Sign up For a YouTube Account

You might know, Google owns YouTube, the worlds second largest search engine. The website receives 350,000 new video uploads a day, so standing out is tough.

Yet, by downloading videos to YouTube with unique video keywords you necessarily optimize for Google's search engine, too. Essentially, YouTube, like Google+, offers another means of feeding the search engine information about your company.

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