Saturday, February 13, 2016

Good SEO is Good Customer Service

SEO is not commonly paired with customer service. We tend to think of SEO (or marketing, in general) as the work that attracts customers. We tend to think about customer service as the work that retains customers. Yet the two practices should not be viewed as independent.

Good SEO is good customer service--and vice versa, of course.

To attract and retain customers, in fact, you must practice both in equal measure.

Good SEO Saves Customers Time 

One difference between traditional marketing and SEO: Traditional marketing often tries to convince a customer they need something new; SEO, on the other hand, simply helps customers find what they're already looking for. 

The great misconception about SEO is that website optimization is somehow equitable to spam. The opposite is true. Spam works by quantity. Blasting emails, for example, spammers play the numbers game, hoping for minimum conversions: 1% or less. Spam is so annoying because it applies a blanket approach to marketing: emailing everyone, regardless of the recipient's preferences,

SEO is, by nature, targeted marketing. Good SEO saves a customer time by promoting the most relevant, quality results for any given search. In fact, in this way, SEO works in tandem with search engines, which aim to streamline search, yielding only the best results. Instead of clicking pages deep, today's browser expects quality on the first page.

Spam = quantity and low conversions

SEO = quality and high conversion

By saving customers the hassle of browsing multiple pages, SEO and search engines promote good customer service Internet-wide.

Good SEO Creates a Pleasurable Customer Shopping Experience

A well-optimized site is not merely easy to find; a well-optimized site is, by nature, easy-to-use. We know that the better a site's structure, the better the user experience. We also know that ease-of-use is a crucial determinant of a website's ranking.

Writing on website structure recently, we quoted Kasia PerzyƄska of  Positionly:

"Shaping a thoughtful and engaging user experience helps readers perceive your website positively and triggers return visits. Usability and user experience provides measurable profits to a site’s visibility, which search engines interpret as being higher quality."

By nature then, the top-ranked sites (with good SEO) provide a pleasurable customer buying experience.

Imagine your favorite grocery store. You likely enjoy the store for its navigability: you find the foods you want easily; the aisles are wide; the shelves are stocked. To replicate this positive shopping experience online, optimize your website structure. Each page should provide easy-to-find links; and, of course, each page should itself be easy to identify and discover.

Good Customer Support Amplifies SEO

This is a no-brainer. If you offer easily-accessible customer support--via chat, responsive email, or a quality call center--your website will likely convert many potential customers. The more customers you convert, the more customer will return to buy more. The more returns, in turn, will improve SEO, creating a positive cycle of clicks and conversions.

The key here is to maintain a consistent level of quality. According to Kissmetrics, "71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service." Poor customer service will lead to decreased visits--negatively influencing SEO.

To succeed in business you must follow the wisdom of this Mo Hardy quote: "Customer service is an attitude, not a department.

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