Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Increase Your Facebook Likes--and Why

How do you increase your Facebook "Likes"? It's a simple question. The answer is quite simple, too. Yet, a simple Google search yields an incredible diversity of answers--from the esoteric to the practical. You might be told, for example to "post often, but not too often" or to "keep it short."

Neither of these answers is false, but neither is necessarily true. Infrequent posting does not necessarily diminish the Likes you receive per post. And there is no real evidence that shorts posts attract more Likes than longer posts.

Still, a great deal of of the advice on Google will help you increase your Likes. Much of this advice is obvious. If you're a frequent user of Facebook, after all, you've probably noticed what type of posts attract the most attention. Even if your own posts do not attract attention, perhaps you've noticed which of your friend's post do.

Yet we believe the sheer amount of advice negates the value of attracting more Likes.

More Likes, of course, might tickle your fancy. Perhaps there is value in this. For many, in fact, this is the only value. If you're reading this blog, though, you just might think about value in different terms.

Social media provides a platform for exposing your unique image to the world. Whether you're a brand or an individual, you can benefit greatly from social media. These benefits are obvious: increased exposure, for example, can lead to more opportunities.

And this just might be the problem. After all, what type of opportunities are you looking for? If you follow a great deal of the advice for attracting more Likes, your opportunities will look a lot like a hamster wheel: attracting more Likes will grant you the opportunity to...attract more Likes, endlessly.

But just know this: if you're attempting to artificially attract more Likes by manipulating Facebook's algorithm, by posting at certain times, with a certain length, and so on, you very well might attract more likes--of the artificial type. In a way, this is tantamount to practicing a form of Black Hat SEO. You're just trying to manipulate the algorithm.

But you, brave readers of the Organic SEO Blog--you do not want artificial Likes! To attract true attention, the type that inspires action, you need to only to follow two simple rules.

But first, what do we mean by action? As we've reported before, Facebook drives the majority of social media traffic. Last year, in fact, a report from Shareaholic revealed that Facebook dominates the social media referral game.

Of the eight top social media sites, Facebook refers much more traffic than all the other sites combined...
Action, then, is more than a mere Like. It's a click.

When you truly engage on social media, you can more easily inspire your friends (stop calling them followers; and please stop calling them your audience) to take an action, like clicking a link. You choose the link destination, of course, but the power to influence people to click, wherever the click may lead them, is the true value of attention. 

So what are the two simple rules for increasing your Facebook "Likes"?

1. Be an active member of the community. Engage. If you're a sincere individual (or brand) who understands social media, you know that engagement is everything. 

2. Create quality content. This is so obvious it scarcely needs to be mentioned. Yet each day we log onto Facebook, we're stunned by the apparent disregard for truly quality content. 

If you'd like to learn more about quality content, please read any number of our articles labeled, well, content

These are the only two simple rules you need to know. Of course, however, engagement and quality content are not easily achieved. Both take time and thoughtfulness. But hey, you want your Likes to matter, right?

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