Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Organic SEO: Five More Tips for a Successful Cyber Monday & Beyond

Last year we wrote our Cyber Monday post on Saturday--merely two days before the event! In that post, we offered five simple tips for a successful Cyber Monday and beyond: perform a website audit, create a unique Cyber Monday landing page, increase your speed, perform a language audit, and monitor your performance and analyze your competitors.

All of this is standard SEO fare--the sort of strategy that (as we noted last year) will help you succeed on any given day. In reality, to create successful one-day SEO campaigns, like Cyber Monday, most websites start planning months in advance. As we've also noted before: The success of organic SEO  depends on complex search engine algorithms—and the world’s largest search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, change their algorithms frequently. The work of understanding and utilizing these ever-evolving algorithms is time-consuming and tedious.

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Last year's post, then, was simply a play on our part to attract some Cyber Monday attention. And that it did: last year's Cyber Monday post attracted our largest one-day readership! Notwithstanding our intentions, the fact that last year's post attracted so much attention is a perfect illustration of SEO content in action: the most successful content is the most relevant content. If you want to attract attention, follow the zeitgeist--and soon, hours after Thanksgiving dinner, the holiday shopping zeitgeist will be here.

So in the spirit of the times, we'd like to offer five more tips for a successful Cyber Monday. Just remember: these tips are really about creating a successful and enduring SEO campaign that will produce results on any given day.

1. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile SEO just might be the hottest SEO trend of 2014. As Search Engine Journal reported earlier this year: "By 2015, mobile marketing in the U.S. will generate $400 billion, compared to $139 billion in 2012." And last year, mobile was cited as a strong factor in a Cyber Monday sales record. As Mashable reported:

"Online sales for Cyber Monday increased by more than 20% from a year earlier, helped by strong growth in mobile sale."

There's little doubt that this year's Cyber Monday sales will break last year's record, and mobile will certainly play an even larger role. So now is a good time to revisit your mobile SEO strategy!

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2. Create Cyber Monday-specific Keywords

Once a staple of SEO practice, the use of keywords has lost some luster in the face of increasingly complicated searches. Still, the judicious use of carefully targeted words and phrases can certainly increase traffic on any given day--especially on a day like Cyber Monday, which itself is a powerful keyword. For Cyber Monday, then, you would do well to add some specifically-targeted keywords to your current pages--or possibly create new pages with targeted keywords.

Of course, as the holiday shopping season nears, you'll want to think about the use of common keywords like "deals", "gift guide", "top gifts for men", "top gifts for women", "holiday shopping"--you get the point! But more importantly, you'll want to think about keywords specific to your industry.

The "Holiday Shopping" Season is Almost Here! [Source]

For more info on keywords, try Google's Keyword Tool.

3. Create Cyber Monday-specific Content

Adding precisely targeted keywords to your website can drive traffic, but to really compete you need to create content that complements your keywords. In a sense, keywords can help you clarify your Cyber Monday offering. As we've noted before:

"You can clarify your offering, first, by thinking about keywords. Imagine you are an Internet user searching for your product or service. What keywords would you use to search for your product or service? Think precisely about the exact keywords that best describe your product or service."

Once you've clarified your offering, however, your success will be largely defined by the content you create to support that offering. The easiest way to create content quickly is to write a blog or to create new articles for your website. And just remember: quality is crucial.

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4. Get Shopping with Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows users to search for products and compare prices between different vendors. If your products are already well-optimized on Google, you might not need this service. However, if your products do not enjoy first page rankings, the service can offer you a chance to compete against those that do. For pricing and information, visit Google Shopping.

5. Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

We write this today with irony--ideally, you should've started planning your Cyber Monday campaign weeks or months ago. That said, you can use some of the tips here to immediately boost traffic. More importantly, however, is how you can use these tips to boost traffic today and tomorrow. SEO is a strategy ideally suited for the long-run. To create a truly effective campaign, one must display patience and resolve!

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