Sunday, July 6, 2014

SEO News Round-Up: Maximize Your Site's SEO Potential, Helpful Links, and the Importance of Quality Content

The SEO Blog has been vacationing this weekend in preparation for a two-week trip to Scotland and Iceland (where we'll be blogging about how SEO is perceived around the world). For now, however, we're in vacation mode!

In favor of brevity, then, we offer some of our favorite recent SEO reads from around the Internet:

1. Forbes: "How to Create a Website with Maximum SEO Potential"

This helpful article details 8 factors for optimizing your website from the get-go. Among his many salient points, Jayson DeMers notes a few simple SEO website design practices as well as the crucial importance of researching keywords-- practice even Google advocates:

"Performing keyword research at the outset of your web design project not only means increased SEO benefits, but an overall better user experience," DeMers writes. "Even doing some basic keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner can make a big difference; by researching words and phrases related to the main topic or theme of your site, you can not only find out which terms your target market is actually using to find your products or services, but you can drill down to find popular and relevant sub-categories as well."

For more information on website design read our article "Building a Website? Read This First!"

Or visit our blog's sponsor, Stepmans PC: "Web Design for SEO."

And for more information about how you can use keywords to increase your SEO benefits read "How SEO Can Help You Clarify Your Business Offering."

2. Search Engine Land: "Head of Google's Web Spam Team Matt Cutts is Going on Leave"

This article might only be interesting to true SEO aficionados. Matt Cutts has a lot to say about SEO--and what he says can transform the SEO specialist's practice.

Still, the main value of the article might be the collection of helpful Google links for webmasters and SEO specialists alike. If you're interested in the information about Cutts, read the article. If not, Cutts himself advises using these resources in his absence:

3. From the SEO Blog archives: "A Crucial SEO Question: Quality or Quantity"

In this, one of our most popular posts, we discuss the value of quality content--and why quality always trumps quantity.


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