Friday, June 6, 2014

The Elegant Simplicity of Mobile SEO

We're halfway into 2014, so we'd thought we'd re-visit a few blogs from 2014. In a post from early January, "New Year's Resolutions: Are you Afraid of SEO?", we discussed the concept of "loss aversion"--the idea that humans strongly prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains. We also speculated that the reason many website owners do no try SEO is simple: fear.

In part, this is why we write this blog: to dispel fear. As we noted before, the decade-long experience of our blog's sponsor, Alex Stepman, has proved that business owners are often: 1) fearful of making the investment to build a website 2) and doubly fearful of making the investment to optimize a website.

In the first case, business owners simply cannot see past a $999 investment to the demonstrable advantages of joining the world of e-commerce. In the second case, business owners simply cannot see past the initial investment to the clear long-terms advantages of SEO.

As time has lapsed, and the country has turned from the remarkable gloom of winter 2014 to the serene, sunny days of spring and soon summer, we've seen case after case of this second fear hindering, and sometimes crippling, new online businesses.

In March, we received a few inquiring emails about our blog: "Mobile SEO in 2014: What You Need to Know." It seemed to us, from the varied responses, that many website owners felt that mobile SEO simply did not apply to their site, and for those who did, the expense for optimizing for mobile seemed prohibitive. Once again, we discovered that many website owners had fell prey to the second fear discussed above: of making the investment to optimized a website.

For these intrepid website owners, we wrote a second post in April, "Don't Lose Sales: Optimized Your Site for Mobile Search Now!", which examined the difference between two websites: one clearly optimized for mobile and one clearly not optimized for mobile. We tried to reveal--with a real world example--ow a website optimized for mobile trumps a website not optimized for mobile. 

What does a site optimized for mobile look like? Well, to be honest, we're not talking rocket science here! A recent article on WebProNews included the following graphic, which neatly shows the lucid simplicity of well-optimized website text:

Take a look at the site on the left. It's very easy to read! The screen is not cluttered. It is easy to scroll, too. But this particular page is essentially text, so it is easily translated to mobile.

How about a dynamic website with multiple links and images?

Well, instead of compromising the look and feel of a conventional site for mobile, you might simply design the conventional site with mobile in mind.

Stepmans PC did just this for a recent client. Take a look at the elegant simplicity of this Russian site--as viewed from an iPhone 5:

On this mobile-optimized site,, the text is easy to read (if you read Russian!) The screen rotates automatically (this is the horizontal view). And the images serve as buttons for easy navigation.

This simple website provides the benefits of a traditional website with the increased visibility for mobile devices. Now, of course, mobile SEO can entail much more complexity, but we share this image here to express a simple point about mobile SEO--and any form of SEO, for that matter: SEO is not some arcane practice to be feared!

At its very core, SEO is about providing elegant solutions to simple problems. If you're curious about these solutions, we suggest reading this blog: you just might find the inspiration to overcome "loss aversion" and make an investment that can truly help your business.