Sunday, May 18, 2014

FREE Website Audit From Stepmans PC

The Organic SEO blog is supported financially and intellectually by a sole sponsor: Alex Stepman of the dynamic Internet marketing company, Stepmans PC.

Utilizing a variety of proven and effective marketing techniques, Stepmans PC promotes websites across the Internet. Their specialty is natural website optimization, a powerful tool that can place your website on the first page of major search engine results. Alex offers one-on-one attention to each customer—and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Today, we wanted to thank Alex for his support and to tell you about a special summertime offer: For a limited time, Stepmans PC will perform a FREE Organic Website Optimization Audit* for the first ten people to take advantage of the offer (details below).

Are you ready to knock out the competition? Read below...

FREE Organic Website Optimization Audit

The first step to a successful online campaign is a careful analysis of your website’s current performance. Most website owners simply do not understand how search engines view their sites. If you're new to SEO, we suggest reading this series first:

1. Website Design
2. Website Development
3. Content Creation
4. Conversion

So, what do you know?

Some websites violate Organic SEO guidelines. And some website owners are surprised to learn that Google, Yahoo, and Bing consider their site spam!

If your website is under-performing, Stepmans PC’s Organic Website Optimization Audit will clarify the exact elements of your website that require improvement.

As apart of the audit, Stepmans PC will provide a detailed report showing you how many people have visited your website for a specific period of time, how many of those visitors are unique, the time visitors spent on your website, and other information that will help you convert visitors into potential customers.

With this information and more, you learn your website visitors in depth. Stepmans PC will monitor visitor’s activity on your website for a period of days and present as much information as possible about their engagement with your website.

In addition to knowing all about your customers, you will discover the most popular pages on your website. Stepmans PC can help you place special promotions on these particular pages—a great tactic for transforming visitors into customers.

Stepmans PC will also determine what device is being used to interact with your website and will optimize your website for those devices to insure no one is limited from viewing your website.

You do know about mobile SEO, right? If not, please read: "Don't Lose Sales: Optimize Your Website for Mobile Search Now!"

To take advantage of this limited time offer, call Stepmans PC now: 215-900-9398 or complete the form on Stepmans PC's website.

But hurry, Alex and his team are very busy. Stepmans PC can only offer a FREE audit to ten websites. If you want to knock out your competition this summer, we suggest calling now!