Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Value of a Specialist

If you need a haircut, you see a hair stylist. If you feel a pain in your chest, you see a doctor. But what if you need to embed EXIF in your website's images? What do you do?

We see specialists because we trust others to perform the work we cannot perform. An unfortunate truth about SEO, however, is that website owners rarely trust specialists to perform the crucial, yet often tedious, work of website optimization. And so, most website owners do not perform SEO at all, and their websites languish in the rankings. Or, worse, website owners pay amateurs to perform SEO, and the amateur actually harms the websites rankings.

We cite the examples of a stylist and doctor to prove a point. If you're like most people, you trust your beauty and health to professionals. So why not trust your website's rankings to a professional?

We cite EXIF to prove a point, too. The work of website optimization is often tedious, and the associated terminology can be downright arcane. In reality, EXIF is a relatively simple concept:

"’s the Metadata that contains image specific information like date taken, camera type, resolution and various other parameters...EXIF can be used to find useful information that may or may not be linked to the purpose the image was taken for. For instance an image could help a customer wanting to buy a camera with certain specifications, get an idea of the quality of pictures that the camera yields."

The world of an SEO specialist is replete with concepts like EXIF.

Robot.txt? SERPs? Website crawlers?

These are just a few of the more popular SEO terms. For the SEO specialist, of course, these terms are old hat. But for the layman they might seem positively mysterious.

Happily, if you're a website owner with a quality product, and you truly want your website to attract the traffic it deserves, you do not need to suffer the confusion of learning SEO. You trust your hair to a hair stylist and your health to a doctor, so why not trust your website's performance to a professional SEO specialist?

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