Thursday, September 12, 2013

Organic SEO: How to Invest Your Money Wisely

At The Organic SEO Blog, we believe website optimization should be applied to every website. As Alex Stepman, the owner of our sponsor, Stepmans PC, likes to say, "You can have the most beautiful and dynamic website on the Internet, but if you're not on Google you're invisible."

And yet, we also understand the need for website owners to balance essential business costs with marketing costs. Organic SEO is, indeed, a marketing cost, and although SEO is essential, we also believe website owners should invest their money wisely. And frankly, many website owners waste money on frivolous website optimization campaigns. In fact, most website owners hire an SEO specialist or website marketing firm without even understanding the basic elements of website optimization.

Of course, a business owner should be efficient. By outsourcing website optimization, most owners simply want to ensure that their website is visible on Google, and that website optimization will attract more traffic to their site. But with organic SEO, a little knowledge can go a long way. For a website owner, especially, a little knowledge can mean the difference between a wise investment and a foolish investment.

Remember, an organic SEO campaign should be relatively inexpensive, and should always create an ROI (return on investment). But do not be fooled by price alone. You might ask yourself, "Why pay full price for website optimization if I can pay half the price that other website owners pay and get the same results?" Price is not the only determinant of success. What if, for example, you paid double the amount that other website owners pay, but you received double the amount of business? Do not try to merely match other website's success; try to double or triple that success for your own website.

The key, of course, is to make a wise investment. To ensure a wise investment, keep the following points in mind:

If you want to improve your website, website optimization is essential, but optimization is not necessarily the best first step. Instead, begin by identifying why your website is not performing well. Of course, your website should be visible on search engines--check to make sure it is!

For a simple guide to checking your website's visibility on Google, please read our handy guide: "How to Really Check Your Website's Performance on Google."

You should also measure the approximate amount of traffic your website receives on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Without this vital information, your website optimization campaign will be inefficient!

A detailed website performance report can be obtained easily. You have several options:

1. You can purchase professional software that will provide a detailed website analysis.

2. You can request this analysis form an SEO professional or website marketing firm.

3. You can ask our sponsor, Stepmans PC, to provide a detailed website report free of charge. To do so simply visit

A simple analysis will clarify your needs. You might discover, for example, that incoming traffic is not your essential problem. Despite your good traffic, however, you might also discover that your website is not really delivering any business. Organic SEO is not only about your website's visibility. Organic SEO includes thoughtful marketing and a thorough strategy to convert your visitors into actual customers. In this case, you might need to work on your customer conversion rate. For more information about "conversion" read our blog: "How to Convert Website Visitor's into Customers."

Hopefully today's blog saves you some money. After all, once you see your website's current performance, you will know how much maintenance your website actually requires. From this assessment, you can then estimate a realistic budget required to perform the work.

Just remember, in the end, the best website optimization investment is the one that makes sense for your unique website. Do not be fooled by low prices or blanket promises. If you wish to speak to a no-nonsense professional, please visit our sponsor, Stepman's PC. Alex Stepman is a small business owner who understands your need to spend money efficiently.