Friday, August 30, 2013

Change is Good: Why Updating Your Website is a Key SEO Strategy

This is our first post in a few weeks. Our sponsor, Stepmans PC, has recently devoted our resources at the Organic SEO Blog to launching a new website: To many of Stepman PC's clients and devoted readers, this new website might look new. In reality, however, the website will be nearly identical in its layout and navigation. The goal is to attract new clients and readers, but  also to make our returning clients and readers feel comfortable.

So, why is Stepmans PC, a leader in organic SEO, updating its website?

The Internet can be defined in many ways, but the sheer quantity of available experience begs a simple definition. At the Organic SEO blog, we prefer to call the Internet "a dynamic space." Like humanity, the Internet evolves; unlike humanity, this evolution is speedy.To keep pace with the evolving, speedy nature of the Internet, the best websites continually offer new content. The best websites also periodically update their look and feel.

Think about your favorite website. How often does your favorite website update its content? How often does your favorite website update its design or layout? Likely, the answer to both of these questions is "quite often."

To keep pace, you should also periodically update your website. Here is a key lesson of organic SEO: optimize your website for both search engines and users. By maintaining fresh and relevant content, you will continue to attract new and returning visitors. You will also impress search engines. Remember, from Google’s prospective, the goal is to deliver the most relevant results, and to make sure the user is 100 % satisfied with these results.

Beyond content, however, minor changes to a website's infrastructure can make the website more appealing to users and search engines. For example, think about your website's ease-of-navigation. Improving your website's layout will satisfy your visitors, and when you satisfy your visitors you satisfy the search engines.

To a search engine like Google, change is good. Google, the great beast of the evolving Internet, is always hungry for new information. This information might be new content, but it also might be a new design or development element. Google does not make a distinction between types of change; to Google, it makes no difference if a change is applied to website content or website design. As long as the website is not outdated, any change is considered to be new content. For Stepman PC's recent update, we've simply changed the design and source code.

If you have not recently updated your website's design and/or layout, this should serve as your timely reminder. Just remember: if you operate an industry-specific website, please remember: your website has likely been optimized for your specific industry, so any change should be relevant to that industry.

Now, SEO is not the only reason Stepmans PC is updating its website. As a leader in website optimization and online marketing, we strive to make it easy for others to keep their websites up-to-date. Many websites follow our FREE recommendations for organic website optimization, and many websites have used our helpful information to maintain daily online success.

If you're new to the world of SEO, browse our the Organic SEO Blog for helpful advice. You might also read this informative article from Stepmans PC: "Natural Website Optimization."

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