Sunday, July 28, 2013

How SEO Can Help Your Clarify Your Business Offering

At the Organic SEO Blog, we believe that natural website optimization is the essential marketing strategy for any new or established website. We've spent a great deal of time here explaining the benefits of a thoughtful organic website optimization campaign. Natural website optimization can increase your website's exposure. Natural website optimization can also attract new customers to your product or service. With a thoughtful SEO campaign, your new website can appear on the first page of search engine results worldwide. Quite simply: if you're a website owner, the benefits of SEO are immeasurable.

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Today, however, we will talk about one benefit of SEO that is often overlooked. By participating in a thoughtful natural website optimization campaign, a website owner must clarify his/her business offering to his/herself.

The reason this benefit is important is simple: most website owners do not specialize in marketing, and do not understand how to appropriately sell their own product! Believe it or not, marketing is a talent that is not available to everyone, especially those who specialize in highly specific businesses.

For example: If you are a tailor, you likely have a lot of experience cutting, sewing, and re-sizing clothes for appreciative clients. The more experience you have as a tailor, however, means that you have less experience in other pursuits. Perhaps you apprenticed as a youth. Perhaps you spent a few years in Milan working for a famous fashion boutique. Whatever the case, if you are the best, then you've likely spent many hours tailoring!

Just like tailoring, marketing must be learned. And if you've spent your entire life learning to be an expert tailor, then you might not have had the time to learn about marketing. If you're building a website, however, then you must begin to learn about marketing. An experience SEO professional can help you understand the process of SEO, but you must first help your SEO professional understand exactly what you do.

You can clarify your offering, first, by thinking about keywords. Imagine you are an Internet user searching for your product or service. What keywords would you use to search for your product or service? Think precisely about the exact keywords that best describe your product or service. If you are an expert tailor in Philadelphia, perhaps you might simply choose the following keywords: "expert tailor Philadelphia." But that cannot be your only option. You must think of many possibilities!

The question is simple: how do you want people to find you? By answering this question, you can help your SEO professional perform a truly effective natural website optimization campaign. Additionally, this is a simple yet profound marketing exercise, one that some people might pay a hefty price to attain.