Sunday, June 23, 2013

Organic SEO: The Right Choice for Website Marketing

As more brick-and-mortar businesses migrate online, more business owners are facing the challenge of website marketing. A business might have a physical location, but without a website a company might not exist to most potential customers. But even with a website a company might not exist to most potential customers.

The key difference between a successful website and a failure is website marketing. Proper online marketing can significantly improve a website’s visibility, attracting a great deal of new traffic. But how do you discover a trustworthy Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist or website marketing firm?

First stop: A handy SEO Checklist!

If you're a website owner, you've probably noticed that the web is crowded with website marketing firms and/or SEO specialists. The reason this market feels so overpopulated is quite simple: it is overpopulated. There seems to be a new website marketing firm or SEO specialist for each new website. At certain times, you might even feel that the word "SEO" appears everywhere in your journey across the web. Well of course, SEO specialists know how to market their services!

Abundance can be very good. At Stepmans PC, we believe that website optimization should be available to every website owner. But the problem with abundance is simple: when faced with a choice of thousands, most people either a) make the wrong choice or b) make no choice!

The Wrong Choice

Business owners who are not familiar with website optimization, SEO, or online marketing can be easily misled or manipulated. I said above: SEO specialists know how to market their services. But more importantly: Does an SEO specialist know how to market your website's services? This is the first question you should ask any SEO specialist or website marketing firm: How will you market my unique product? An SEO specialist or website marketing firm might answer this question in many different ways: website optimization, Pay-Per-Click, keyword optimization, banner ads, or even new blogs. Whatever a specialist says to you, remember: Do not be fooled by jargon! You might believe that in order to be fully-optimized your site must be intricately designed, developed, and optimized, and that only specialists know the trick. Nonsense! As we wrote last week in our discussion on hashtags, many people use SEO without even knowing it!

SEO can be very easy to understand. Remember: a high-quality SEO specialist should be able to explain exactly what he/she will do to optimize your website in a way that you easily understand. When there are so many choices, why would you accept anything less? 

No Choice

Most website owners know that they need some form of website marketing or search engine optimization. Unfortunately, however, many of these same website owners never choose to use a specialist's services.The problem is trust--many website owners simple believe that they cannot trust SEO.

First, the term SEO itself is misunderstood. Luckily is it easy to educate yourself. You can read The Organic SEO Blog. Once you learn about SEO--and specifically, Organic SEO--you can learn how to ask the right questions.

If you still do not trust SEO, however, read this article: SEO is Not the Enemy.

No choice can be worse than the wrong choice--or at least equally bad. In both cases, your website is still losing income by the day!

The Right Choice

Although both SEO specialists and website marketing firms can increase your website’s online presence, the organic approach to website optimization is preferable. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing admire organically-promoted websites, and these search engines reward well-optimized sites with top placement in search results.

Also, with organic website optimization your company’s success is not dependent on an advertising budget--unlike a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. PPC can be effective. However, PPC is very costly. And like other traditional advertisements—the periodicals and radio ads noted above—the success of PPC is entirely dependent on your advertisement budget.

Finding customers can be costly and ineffective. So why not let the business come to you? Organic SEO empowers customers to find your website. When optimized for search engines, your website will be visible to the exact customers who are looking for your product or service. Once again, I suggest you read our handy SEO Checklist for some practical tips.