Sunday, June 2, 2013

Every Website Needs Organic SEO!

Some form of search engine optimization (SEO) has existed since the mid-1990s, and although SEO remains obscure to some website owners, the popularity of website optimization is now nearly equivalent to bread. And yes, for many website owners, SEO really is the best thing since sliced bread. In simple terms, SEO means marketing, and every business needs marketing.

However, despite a seemingly endless demand for organic website optimization, many website owners have lost faith in SEO. The painful truth is that a great number of so-called SEO companies have abused their customers. Disreputable SEO companies have extracted a lot of hard-earned money from unsuspecting clients without improving website visibility.

If you’re a new website owner, do not let yourself fall prey to a costly and unsuccessful website optimization campaign. Remember this crucial fact: most marketing companies or SEO professionals cannot achieve true organic optimization within a short period of time. Despite what an SEO specialist might tell you, it is nearly impossible to optimize a website in only one or two months.

Nearly impossible—but not entirely impossible.

A few top-notch SEO professionals can actually perform successful organic website optimization within a short period of time (one month or less) without causing harm to website ranking and visibility. Since this type of natural website optimization often requires aggressive change, make sure your SEO specialist is humble and attentive. The best SEO specialist is someone who can deliver speedy, high-quality work while making you, the website owner, feel comfortable and happy.

To make a good choice in selecting the right SEO company, please refer to this brief SEO Company Checklist. This checklist should give you a good idea of your minimum requirements for a true SEO professional.

A true SEO professional really is the best thing since sliced bread.  Many website owners recognize this truth. Unfortunately, many website owners also believe that natural website optimization is not appropriate for their website because their product is not essential enough to attract a large customer base.

One website owner actually told me: “I don’t need SEO. I sell widgets. I don’t sell bread!”

This website owner assumed correctly that his product is only for a limited amount of people. And yet, he assumed incorrectly that website optimization and website visibility would not benefit his business. Of course, not every product is indispensable like bread! However, of the billions of people that demand bread, surely a certain percentage also demands widgets!

Organic website optimization is about finding your specific customers. Even if you think you’re only catering to a small or local client-base, your worldwide numbers might surprise you! High-quality SEO can take you worldwide.

Imagine, if you will, the famous Kama Sutra. How many people actually buy the Kama Sutra? Have you bought the Kama Sutra in the last five years? Have any of your friends or relatives bought the Kama Sutra recently? Probably not! Still, every time you visit Barnes & Noble, the Kama Sutra is available for purchase. Why? The answer is simple: I might not need it, and billions of others do not need it, but a certain amount of people do need it—enough so that the book remains profitable.

This is the way website optimization works: SEO targets local populations first, and then worldwide populations. Online business owners: do not limit yourself! If you tell yourself your product is only for specific people, and is not suitable for website optimization, you limit yourself from promoting your product or services to thousands of potential customers every day, week, and month. It's as simple as sliced bread, really--if you find the right guy to slice the bread!