Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Today's post is the final part of a four-blog series. In three prior posts, we introduced a simple method for inexperienced website owners to manage the process of building and optimizing a website. An easy way to think about building a successful, fully-optimized website is to consider the following tasks, and who might perform them:

1. Website Design
2. Website Development
3. Content Creation
4. Conversion

Today we will speak about conversion: the art of transforming website visitors into customers. The purpose of website design, website development, and high-quality content creation is to attract well-informed visitors to your website. But for most websites, attracting visitors is not the final goal. If you hope to run a successful online business, of course, you need to make sure that your visitors purchase your product.

The difference between your daily visitors and  converted visitors will essentially define the success of your online business. In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, this difference is often referred to as the conversion rate: the percentage of visitors who browse a site and perform a desired action. This desired action can be different for different websites.

For a blog like The Organic SEO Blog, for example, the desired action might simply be clicking on multiple posts, writing comments, or following a link to our sponsor: the best-in-the-business organic website optimization company, Stepmans PC.

Did you click that link? Well, then, you've been converted! When you reach the actual site, however, the desired action is different. The desired actions of Stepmans PC's site might include signing up for the SEO newsletter, filling out our "Contact Us" form, or calling Stepmans PC directly.

Stepman PC's founder, Alex Stepman. A personal touch can help convert visitors.

If your website sells a specific product, you're desired action is simple: you want visitors to buy your product. If you're a new website owner, and you've already performed the crucial work of finding a high-quality, artful website designer, an intelligent website developer, and a creative copywriter, then your website might be optimized right now to convert visitors into customers. Your website’s appearance and loading speed, as well as the quality of information, will guarantee that visitors will have no need to navigate to other websites to look for similar products or services.

But! You should not assume that your website's beautiful design, lightning-fast loading speed, and wonderful content is enough to convert visitors. All of this will certainly help, but the final conversion requires a thoughtful strategy to inspire, retain, and maintain customers. To develop a solid-gold strategy, you will ideally work with an Organic SEO professional who will help you analyze your website's analytics.

Most websites are designed and developed with a series of links in mind. A direct-traffic customer will start at the homepage and click several links to find the exact product he or she wishes to purchase. This is how it works for people typing your website's address directly into the toolbar.

But what about people who find your website organically, by typing a word or phrase into Google? Looking at your website's analytics, an Organic SEO professional will help you review the specific pages that receive the most organic visits as well as how these pages convert. Your SEO professional will help you analyze these pages to improve conversion. Perhaps you could add a "Buy Now" widget or a "Customers Also Liked" link. In the end, you want to make sure that navigation to your core selling pages is quick and easy and that the reward of clicking to the next page is clear.

A thoughtful conversion strategy is the final step to creating a fully-optimized website that will attract the customers you deserve! We hope you've enjoyed our fart part series!