Saturday, May 18, 2013

Do Not Judge a Website By Look Alone: Why Organic SEO is Crucial

The other day at a business card exchange I met two slim men wearing stylish sport coats. Both men were eating chocolate chip cookies, and their stylish clothes and amiable chatter made me briefly forget the actual purpose of the event: to exchange business cards. For a lovely moment, we simply talked about finely-tailored sports coats. I was charmed.

When one of the men veered the conversation back to business, however, I was a bit confused. Introducing him and his partner as "IT Professionals," the man proceeded to talk in a way that made absolutely no sense to me. He might've spoke of an IGZO display and Targeted Tweets, but I can't be sure.

Baffled, I pressed him to explain what he meant by "IT Professional." 

"We develop websites," he said.

"Oh," I said, excited. "So you must know SEO?"

"It is trivial," he said, finishing his final bite of cookie.

"SEO," his partner said, laughing. "Most website owners can do SEO for themselves."

So it seems: even two-well-dressed IT Professionals misunderstand SEO!

If you're a new website owner, and you are reading this blog right now, let me tell you a  secret: most likely, you cannot do SEO for yourself.

I certainly do not mean to discourage you. I only mean to save you a tremendous hassle.

Search engine optimization is crucial for any new website, and often a thoughtful SEO campaign marks the difference between a successful website or a failure. Unfortunately, as more website owners understand the importance of SEO, more try to perform their own optimization techniques with the hope of quick results: a first page placement in a week or month. We have seen many website owners dive into SEO this way--and drown.

It is sad, but true: time after time, we see website owners attempt to promote their websites quickly with absolutely no results. Often, in fact, results are not visible two, three, four, or five months later.

At this point, after failing to perform a successful SEO campaign by themselves, many website owners yield to the alluring temptation of outsourcing. Yes, only after months of failure, do most website owners decide to hire a professional SEO company. And again: they demand quick results.

I will tell you another secret: most SEO companies follow their client's wishes, even if these wishes are not to the client's best interests. Seeking quick results, most SEO companies end up continuing the faulty tactics that did not work in the first place.

In truth, SEO is a process, and not easy process. A real SEO professional, one who works with honesty and integrity, will tell each cleint a hard truth: real SEO cannot be performed quickly. Even if you have the proper SEO knowledge, and a talent for algorithms, it is simply not possible to adequately optimize a website within one day, week, or month.

The major search engines prefer this scenario. Most new websites only gradually attain higher rankings over other websites in the same industry. From Google's perspective, for example, the only way any website can truly be optimized is with the help of organic website optimization, and the very word "organic" implies a slow, natural process. This is why organic website optimization is often also called natural website optimization? Both words imply a slow, steady process: like evolution.

Additionally, the major search engines will always give more credit to websites that already exist. Top-ranked websites have earned their placement over a period of many years by consistently offering the best content, and by continually updating their website features to align with the changing dynamics of the search engine algorithms.

So what happens when a hot new website shows up on the market? Of course, search engines do not mind replacing an old website's with a new website in search rankings--but the new website has to earn it! Just like the former top-ranked website, the new website has to prove that their website is better, and that their product is better, cheaper, and more informative . Only then will the new website become King of the Internet.

You know the old saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover." Well, Google does not judge websites on look alone. Just like an IT Professional, a website can look beautiful in its finely-tailored sport coat, but what if the website displays no true knowledge of SEO? Simply put: Google will not increase this website's ranking. 

Google doesn't judge websites by look alone--and neither should you!