Thursday, April 25, 2013

Content, Content, Content: The Key to SEO

This blog is part three of a series. In our prior posts, we introduced a simple method for inexperienced website owners to manage the process of building and optimizing a website. An easy way to think about building a successful, fully-optimized website is to consider the following tasks, and who might perform them:

1. Website Design
2. Website Development
3. Content Creation
4. Conversion

Today we will speak about content creation. You can design and develop the most beautiful and highly functional website, but you will not attract the potential customers you deserve if you do not provide relevant, insightful, and original content. Content can refer to the images and videos on your site, but intriguing, well-written text is the cornerstone of a fully-optimized website--and the best way to attract a devoted audience. For search engine optimization (SEO), specifically, quality text is king.

A search engine like Google's job is to deliver the most relevant results for each user's search. Google is always hungry for new, exciting, and informative content. For this reason, Google rigorously investigates the content, and especially the text, of all websites. The following example proves the importance of high-quality text...

Summer is just around the corner, and shoppers are beginning to think about bathing suits. Let's assume you're a fit man who has decided to try a short swimsuit for the first time. Of course, you'll want to browse possible shopping options, but like most Google users, you'll also want to learn about short swimsuits. Can a man actually wear a short swimsuit without looking foolish? What colors? And how short can he go?

Using Google, you would probably search the most simple, specific term: short swimsuits.

Follow the link, and you will see that Google's first page results include mostly shopping options, but the sixth option is actually a literary article about swimsuits (written by Stepman PC's very own copy writer, Seth Pollins!)

Why, amidst all the shopping options, would Google include a literary article on short swimsuits? Because Google is smart! Google knows that people do not merely want to shop--people want to learn, and make informed decisions before buying items like short swimsuits. An informative article about short swimsuits might be exactly what a shopper is looking for. The key is well-written text--and it doesn't hurt that article includes a few pictures of men in short bathing suits!

Stepman PC's very own copywriter, Seth Pollins, wearing a short swimsuit

So what can you, the new website owner, do to make sure your website includes the best content?

First, remember: unique content is the most important part of organic SEO. Unfortunately, sometimes SEO companies copy information from other websites. If the information on your website is the same as other Internet sources, you might be added to a search engine’s black list. Additionally, sometimes SEO companies say that they can optimize your website for specific keywords. Often these companies charge one price for two keywords and another price for, say, five keywords. Don’t let them fool you. Organically optimized websites appear on the first page results based on high quality writing--not keywords. If your website is optimized only for only two, or even five, keywords, you will never receive the traffic you deserve, and you will lose potential customers.

Today's number one lesson: make sure you create high-quality, original content. If you are not the best writer, you might want to hire a professional. And if you hire an SEO specialist, make sure they use the best professional copywriters.

Quality content creation is the third step to a fully-optimized website that will attract the customers you deserve! Check back next week for our final part of the series: Conversion.