Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why Hire an SEO Writer?

What is the difference between a good copywriter and a good SEO writer?

A good copywriter possesses writing talent and marketing expertise. A good copywriter creates succinct, error-free content that broadcasts a specific message to a general audience.

A good SEO writer also possesses writing talent and marketing expertise. Yet the SEO writer's marketing expertise includes a knowledge of search engine algorithms. A good SEO writer creates succinct, error-free content that broadcasts a specific message to a specific online audience.

In essence, the distinction between a good copywriter and a good SEO writer is the distinction between traditional marketing and SEO marketing. Of course, both forms of marketing aim to attract a specific audience. Traditional marketing, however, is at least one step removed from this audience. In hopes of attracting a specific audience, traditional marketing, by nature, must broadcast to a general audience.

SEO, on the other hand, focuses on micro-audiences. The success of any SEO campaign, in fact, is contingent on defining the correct micro-audience for the content.

An SEO writer can help you attract a unified audience. [Photo Source].
These distinctions do not at all speak to the quality of any copywriter or SEO writer's work. As we noted recently, the term itself, "SEO content," is a misnomer: The best content--in any realm--is, first, defined by the quality of the writing itself.

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Assuming the quality of writing is good, then, why hire an SEO writer over a copywriter?

1. A Good SEO Writer Understands How to Effectively Use (And Not Abuse) Keywords

The appropriate use of keywords is they key to attracting your unique micro-audience. Any SEO writer should be able to help you choose the most appropriate keywords for your product and service. However, the best SEO writers know how to use these keywords resourcefully to attract the right attention to your site.

This process can actually help you clarify your own offering:

"Imagine you are an Internet user searching for your product or service. What keywords would you use to search for your product or service? Think precisely about the exact keywords that best describe your product or service. If you are an expert tailor in Philadelphia, perhaps you might simply choose the following keywords: 'expert tailor Philadelphia.' But that cannot be your only option. You must think of many possibilities!"

2. A Good SEO Writer Understands How to Craft Search Engine Friendly Tags

We're not simply referring to page titles here; a good SEO understands how to optimize "meta tags," too. Meta tags describe the content of your page. Search engines use meta tags to place each site page in the search engine's index. A good SEO writer will create unique, specific tags for each page of your website.

Meta tags are information inserted into the “head” area of your web pages. They are used by search engines to more accurately list your site in their indexes. Every page of your website should have unique tags. If it doesn’t, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

3. A Good SEO Writer Uses Form to His/Her Advantage 

Most writers are enamored with their own work--to the detriment of the writing itself. A good SEO writer is a great writer, first, but he or she also understands that SEO requires a form. For this reason, many SEO writers get finicky about details that other writers overlook--details that might even supersede the writer's natural inclinations. A good SEO writer, for example, understands the importance of the appropriate number of keywords and links as well as paragraph and article length.

For a fascinating view into the finicky side of SEO writing, read Neil Patel's article "How Long Should Each Blog Post Be? A Data Driven Answer."

4. A Good SEO Writer Will Write Effective Links

If you notice, the link above is simple, yet effective: it precisely describes the nature of the link. Too often, copywriters create articles with arbitrary links ("click here") that have little to do with the actual content of the link. To optimize any link, a good SEO writer will create a precise description of its contents. Just like the tags, this precise description allows the search engine to understand and "index" the link.

5. A Good SEO Writer Will Write Descriptive Image Tags

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By now, you should get the idea: every aspect of a page needs to be optimized for search engines. A copywriter will often overlook the details that make any given piece of content work for a search engine. A SEO writer, however, writes with a keen eye on attracting on online audience. By nature, this sort of work is succinct and precise--to the point.

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