Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Top SEO Trend of 2016: Mobile App Optimization

Why do we make new year's resolutions? The beginning of a week, month, or year inspires optimism in many people. This sort of beginning is called (by the psychologist Richard Thaler, at least), a "notional boundary." The new year is the ultimate notional boundary, a cultural milestone for newness.

This milestone is celebrated and reinforced by pop culture. Brands from Nike to Whole Foods, try to monetize the optimism of the new year by selling you a fresh you.

In its "21-Days of Better for It" campaign, Nike, in Just Do It spirit, tells you "You are the resolution." Meanwhile, Whole Foods returns to a variation of prior year's catch phrase ("New Year, New You"):

Whole Foods New Year, New Start campaign tells you to "conquer your resolutions."

Unfortunately, we know that the optimism wanes; most people's resolutions fail. As the Statistic Brain website reveals, a mere 8% of people are successful in their yearly resolutions. Year over year, a full 25% of people never succeed in their resolutions.

As Marketplace Money reports, however, success is possible--with apps! For resolutionists, specifically, apps can help create reasonable goals and a list of daily actionable items--the key to resolution success.

The fact that Marketplace references apps in relation to new year's resolutions is not surprising. Apps help people navigate life. This New Year's eve, for example, we used the wonderful Waze app to find the speediest route from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, we used Seamless to order tacos from Fat Daddy and Kimchee Tacos. Of course, too, all night long we checked on friends and family on the Twitter and Facebook apps.

It might even seem outdated to name apps our top SEO trend for 2016, but in truth, SEO for apps is a relatively new phenomena that, we predict, will blossom this year into a profitable industry.

We were especially intrigued by a report from Criteo, in June, that revealed that conversions on mobile apps were higher for both the retail and travel industries when compared to the mobile website. As Marketing Land reported:

"Apps are becoming an increasingly important channel for many retailers. Retailers that have made app experiences a priority and generate over 25 percent of their ecommerce transactions come through mobile, saw their apps drive nearly 50 percent of total mobile transactions."

A graphic from a Criteo study, reported in Marketing Land, reveals the clear advantage of mobile apps vs mobile and desktop browsers

Are you in the app business?

More and more businesses, small and large, are seeing the possibilities of creating simple, streamlined apps. Although the field may seem crowded, now is definitely the time to develop a mobile app for your business. As Go-Globe reported last May, mobile apps account for 52% of all time spent on mobile digital media. To not take advantage of this trend would seem downright foolhardy.

You will, of course, be entering a competitive field, but with SEO you will have a distinctive advantage. SEO for apps field is new, so for now focusing on SEO basics will likely yield the best advantage.

To stand out, you will need to develop a truly useful app that will a) help your users live an easier life, or b) help your users interact with your brand more easily.

Once you've created a useful app, the key is to make sure you have an attractive icon and that you describe your app with relevant keywords. Of course, too, make sure you address any issues that come up in reviews. The best apps continue to improve based on user reviews. Below, you will see a visual guide to "App Ranking Factors" by David Loyd from Adobe.

App Ranking Factors (all speculation now) are similar to website ranking factors.

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