Sunday, May 26, 2013

Organic SEO for Bloggers

If you write a blog, you're probably applying basic organic search engine optimization (SEO) principles without even knowing it. At its heart, organic SEO is about creating engaging, relevant content (with appropriate out-going links)--and this is the goal of most blog owners. However, not all blog owners blog for the same reason. Essentially, blog owners can be divided into two categories:

1. Traditional Bloggers
2. Website Owners

Bloggers are often writers who wish to express a knowledge, passion, or expertise for a certain subject: cooking, gardening, or even simply the day-to-day experience of the blogger. Some bloggers write because they like to write; others write because they like to teach others something new. Additionally, some people who use blogging services do not write or share any information at all--instead they use blogging platforms to gather new information and knowledge.

Traditional bloggers rarely make money from their blog; they simply attract attention to their creative work. Most bloggers do not create content that serves a purpose beyond expression. This is the reason the Internet is chock-full of quality FREE information. Traditional bloggers create tons of good information, and happily, because the search engines have become adept at offering the most relevant information, we can easily find the best blogs.

Traditional bloggers have dominated the blogging landscape for years, but recently more and more website owners have been creating blogs. One of the easiest ways to attract traffic to any website is to create an independent blog, and many online businesses have created blogs for the explicit purpose of driving traffic from a blog to a online business.

Whether you're a traditional blogger or a website owner, blogging with organic SEO in mind can dramatically improve your traffic. The first key, as we mentioned above (and as we talk about all the time on this blog: here and here.) is content. Indeed, high-quality content is always the first and most important element in optimizing your blog.

Another important element, specifically for website owners, is the creation of out-going links. Since a new blog can potentially attract more visitors than a traditional website, online businesses should link some part of every blog to a related page on their actual website. However, you do not want to be excessive with your links. If you're a regular reader of this blog, for example, you might not even know that this blog is run by a natural website optimization company, Stepmans PC.

Indeed, one of the reasons we write this blog is to attract business to our sponsor, Stepmans PC's, website. However, we do not want to annoy people, so we only add a few links per blog. Also, we try to remember the primary reason people read a blog, for high-quality information, so we offer tons of quality content for FREE. As a online business, however, we do hope that some readers follow our links to our traditional website, and that the website content hopefully will convert some of these curious readers to actual customers.

If you're a website owners who also blogs, remember: it is very important not to forget the idea of blog. Even if you create links in every blog, you should also make sure the blog is readable. If the amount of links prevents readers from conveniently reading the blog--well, that's obviously counterproductive! So even if you blog to promote a website, the blog content should be the main priority. Then search engines like Google will also appreciate the content, and readers will easily find (and admire) your blog!

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